Solder Wire — SAC305 RoHS Lead Free — 0.5mm/.02″ diameter

756 грн.

Код товара: 1930
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Описание товара

If you want to make a kit you’ll need some solder. This 0.1 lb / 50 gram spool is a good amount, not too much (like 1 lb spools) and not too little (like those little ‘pocket clip’ vials). 

This spool of solder contains approximately 0.5mm / .02″ diameter in standard SAC305 formulation. This is lead-free solder, so great for lead-free/RoHS shops. For flux, it contains a ‘no clean’ rosin core. Its good for all through-hole soldering and great for any kind of SMT soldering. 

Contains Sn 96.5%, Ag %3.0, Cu %0.5 (96.5/3/0.5) sometimes referred to as SAC305 

Perfect for when you need a lead-free alternative to classic 60/40! 



  • 50g / 0.02″ diameter
  • Datasheet