Solderless Analog RGB LED Strip Clip Sampler

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Описание товара

These ingenious little clips make it easier than ever to use our analog LED strips — no need to solder! The clips snap onto the ends of the LED strip and hold securely. They’re not waterproof but you could cover them in heat-shrink to make them weatherproof.You get one piece of three different types: One is a short «joiner» — it can join two strips together. The second type is a long «joiner» — it can join two strips together 6″ apart. The third type is a «pig-tail», it gives you four stripped wires at the end that you can solder or plug into one of our controllers (also 6″ long).

When using our analog LED strip, you’ll have to carefully remove the waterproofing with a small hobby-knife. This will work with our 30 LED/meter or 60 LED/meter strip. It will not work with the digital addressable LED strip!

We have a tutorial on using these clips over at http://learn.adafruit.com/solderless-rgb-led-clips/