Sous-vide powered by Arduino kit pack — The SousViduino!

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This pack contains all the Adafruit parts required to try out our latest tutorial, the sous-vide powered by Arduino — a.k.a. the SousViduino! It doesn’t contain a rice cooker, you’ll need to pick that up as well, check the tutorial for suggestions on what to look for in a cooker.

This kit pack comes with:

  • Arduino UNO R3
  • Positive RGB LCD Shield for Arduino kit
  • Proto-Screwshield for making easy connections to the Arduino pins
  • Food safe heat shrink for the temperature sensor
  • Power-switch tail: a safer way of controlling ~120VAC appliances from a microcontroller
  • High-temperature waterproof DS18B20 sensor
  • Servo extension cable to allow easy connection & disconnection of the sensor
  • 2 pin JST plug and socket for making a connection to the PST

Some soldering is required to assemble the RGB LCD Shield and the Screwshield. You’ll need a soldering iron, some solder and diagonal cutters. This project will take a few hours to complete, it’s a great weekend project and testing it is delicious! Please be sure to read our full tutorial before purchasing so you can see what it takes to build this project — we suggest this is for people who have some experience with Arduino programming and soldering.

Please note: Cooking with sous-vide is an advanced technique that uses low temperatures to cook food. Doing so can introduce food-safety issues if not performed correctly. Douglas Baldwin has an excellent guide to temperatures/times requirements for meats, eggs, and seafood. Please read his guide and use care when cooking sous-vide!



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