STM32F411 "BlackPill" Development Board
STM32F411 "BlackPill" Development BoardSTM32F411 "BlackPill" Development BoardSTM32F411 "BlackPill" Development BoardSTM32F411 "BlackPill" Development BoardSTM32F411 "BlackPill" Development Board

STM32F411 «BlackPill» Development Board

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  • This simple development board for the STM32F411 is a great way to add a powerful STM chip to your next project. Featuring the STM32F411CEU6, this chip has 512 KB of flash, 128 KB of SRAM and runs at 100 MHz. There’s a spot on the bottom for SOIC flash memory — you could solder on a 2 MB SPI flash memory chip to give yourself more space for datalogging or file storage.This dev board is for the more advanced users, we don’t have detailed tutorial usage for it — check online communities for STM32 boards to get project ideas and code samples! You can use STM32duino for Arduino support, and both MicroPython and CircuitPython have support for this chip.The board features a USB C connector, with a 3.3V 100mA LDO regulator. There’s both 25mhz and 32.768 KHz crystals on board. There’s a few handy buttons: a BOOT button for entering the ROM DFU bootloader, a reset button and a generic button on PA0 for users. One power LED and one user controllable LED on PC13.

    The chip itself has multiple UART, I2C, SPI, I2S and timer peripherals (check the datasheet for the pin multiplexing as you can only use some pins for each peripheral). The USB is full speed. There’s a single ADC multiplexed to 10 inputs.

    Simple, but has everything you need to get started. We recommend pairing with a ST-Link compatible dongle if you want to use a debugger. Thanks to the STM bootloader in ROM, you don’t need a programmer to load binary firmware on! Comes with loose header you can solder in to plug into a breadboard.


    • Dev board dimensions: 53mm x 21mm x 5mm

    Product Weight: 4.5g / 0.2oz