Thermochromic Pigments - Rainbow Pack (7 Colors)
Thermochromic Pigments - Rainbow Pack (7 Colors)4233-02

Thermochromic Pigments — Rainbow Pack (7 Colors)

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Код товара: 4233

Описание товара

We love playing with obscure materials that have a creepy-cool or magical quality. Sure, there’s invisible ink, but have you ever used heat to make a painting disappear?

We’re carrying these Thermochromic Pigments in a variety of colors. They change to a light/white color at 31 °C or 88 °F. Can’t decide which color to get? Why not get a grab-bag of them all!

How to get started on your next masterpiece? Just add a little water then paint any surface. This pigment not meant for use on bare skin as a body paint and definitely not for eating! The paint dries quickly at room temperature and can be removed with soap and water. You can also mix into resin, slime, waxes, sugru, hand-formable plastic…pretty much anything you like!

Heat it up with your breath, hot liquids, heater pads or fabric!