Transistor Man Shirt - Mens 4X-Large
Transistor Man Shirt - Mens 4X-LargeTransistor Man Shirt - Mens 4X-Large

Transistor Man Shirt — Mens 4X-Large

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Did you know that inside every transistor is a little man whose job it is to watch the incoming base current and adjust the collector-emitter impedance to match the datasheet? Its true! And now you can celebrate the hard-working guy with this fabulous Transistor Man tee shirt.

The front of the shirt has the now legendary Transistor Man diagram from Horowitz & Hill’s «The Art of Electronics». Not only did we get a blessing to make these from Cambridge Press, we even got a scan of the original artwork transparency from Professor Horowitz! These are without a doubt, the coolest NPN shirts we’ve ever seen.

Due to popular demand, we are now offering this shirt in a men’s 4XL size! The 4XL shirts are 100% cotton, so they’re super-comfy and very breathable!