Tweet-a-Watt add-on outlet kit

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Описание товара

This pack contains parts to make an additional outlet for your Tweet-a-Watt setup. Included is

  • XBee Series 1 module
  • XBee adapter kit
  • Bag of parts including 10,000uF capacitor, 220uF capacitor, 2 1% 10K resistors, 2 1% 4.7K resistors, 5mm green LED, 6″ rainbow ribbon cable, and 2 pieces of 1/8″ and 1/16″ heatshrink

* Please note, a P3 Kill-a-Watt is NOT included! You will need to buy this separately at a local hardware store, or online. They run about $20 each. You’ll also need some tools, which are not included. The kit is unassembled, and requires some light soldering to piece together. It is a moderate/advanced project and is intended for people with electronics & computer experience and are comfortable working around High Voltages

To capture the wireless data, you will need a receiver setup, made of an FTDI cable, XBee adapter kit and XBee radio.
For a lot more information, including instructions and files please check out the very detailed Tweet-a-Watt website!



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