USB 3-Way Charging Cable — iPhone 5/iPhone/iPad and MicroUSB

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For charging nearly any kind of portable gadget, this 3-in-1 cable can handle it. Great for use with a Mintyboost, or our USB power packs (or just powering your projects). One USB-A jack splits into three connectors: Micro USB, iPhone/iPad/iPod 30pin (for older iDevices) and the newer Lightning (newer iDevices).

Approximately 6″ long from end to end, it’s a little more compact than our classic 3′ long cables.

Keep in mind, This cable does not contain a hub, so you should only connectone USB device at a time (to either end).

  • The Lightning end has data and power
  • The 30pin iPhone/iPod has only power connection
  • The MicroUSB end has only power connection

Does not work with iPhone 5s or 5c

  • Wire Length: 152.4mm / 6″
  • Weight: 10.16g


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