WiFi Portable Microscope - Usable With Android/iPad/iPhone
WiFi Portable Microscope - Usable With Android/iPad/iPhoneWiFi Portable Microscope - Usable With Android/iPad/iPhone

WiFi Portable Microscope — Usable With Android/iPad/iPhone

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As electronics get smaller and smaller, you’ll need a hand examining PCBs and this little USB microscope is the perfect tool. Its smaller and lighter than a large optical microscope but packs quite a bit of power in its little body. There’s a high quality 640×480 camera sensor inside and an optical magnifier that can adjust from 5x (for basic PCB inspection) to 200x (for detailed inspection). Eight mini white LEDs are angled right onto whatever you’re examining so you get enough lighting to see, and are smoothly adjustable via a dial on the side.

Unlike our USB microscopes, this ‘scope is WiFi based. This means that instead of having a cable or wireless-usb-dongle type connection, there’s a WiFi access point inside the camera enclosure. When you turn it on, it will create a new hotspot just for the camera, so that any tablet or smartphone (such as an iPad/iPhone/Android/etc) can connect to the camera and view the microscope’s video output. This isn’t possible with a USB microscope as many tablets and phones don’t have a USB port and even if they did, there wouldn’t necessarily be drivers available for the camera.

Comes with the microscope, charging cable, CD with software and manual. A stand is not included, the photo above shows it with our articulated aluminum stand (which works great). While this camera is more expensive than a wired-variety, there’s nothing like it for when you want to view the output on a smartphone or tablet!

We suggest the free app NetcamViewer Mobile for iOS.

Image Sensor: (640×480) 0.3 megapixel @ 30 FPS
Up to 200x axis micro-lens
Adjustable focal length, from 5mm to 40mm
Resolution 640×480 or 320×240
Video rate of 20f/s under 600 lux brightness
Flicker control for 50Hz/60Hz
8 white LED light, 0-30000mLux
Up to 200x magnification
Internal battery can be recharged via USB port using included cable
WiFi-connected, can be used by nearly any device with WiFi capability and IP-camera viewer app
Size: 142mm x 37mm diameter
Weight: 100 grams