Wii controller (Nunchuck / Wiichuck)

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Описание товара

This is a generic Wii Nunchuck controller, we haven’t tried it with a Wii but it does work great with the Video Game shield, and all the microcontroller code we tried.We suggest getting a Nunchucky breakout board if you want to use this with an electronics project.There’s a 3-axis accelerometer inside as well as a resistive 2-axis joystick and two buttons. You can grab the data over two i2c data lines. There’s tons of example code for all sorts of microcontrollers for these guys!


  • Length: 110mm/4.32in
  • Width: 40mm/1.58in
  • Height: 52.61mm/2.07in
  • Weight: 77.56g2.74oz
  • Cable Length: 1.16m/46.0in